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An Iraqi success story. We started from nill and aimed high.
Now, we are one of the leaders in the industry.

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Whenever you want to explore new places, few statements would be enough to put you on the correct way in order to widen your horizons.

Booking Advisor's B2C portal is the easiest and fastest way to plan your travel by providing you with extensive features, affordable prices and plenty of support options to help you light up your travel spirit.


Medi Advisors

The existence of Medi Advisors is driven by our passion to break down the boundaries of healthcare. We want to free healthcare from the boundaries of geography, affordability, rationing and any other regulation. Patients should have limitless choices, and choose based on their wishes.

MOONLINE LCC Business Travel

Moonline LCC is an independently-owned travel management company and one of the fastest growing companies in Iraq. For any business, travel can be a double-edged sword. It can be one of the biggest costs but is also a significant investment in your people and the efficiency of the business as a whole. This is why you need a partner who not only understands business travel management but is also deeply familiar with the regional situation.

Babylon Booking

Babylon Booking is an online Travel portal mainly for air tickets booking dedicated to providing quality services to its partners/clients. We have access to ticketing with more than 500+ legacy airlines, including around 120 low-cost carriers, around the world.

Our portal will gradually extend and launch all other planned travel & tourism related services in a very near future such as hotel bookings, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, etc...

Babylon Extra

Enables Travel Agencies worldwide the opportunity to access Babylon Booking’s content via XML interface for integration into their travel reservation system or travel website. Babylon Extra is also providing you with the chance to move your travel business forward by distributing Babylon Booking’s sub accounts.


Stay connected wherever you go! Why not use one SIM card everywhere instead of buying different SIM cards at different places you visit? Traveler Sim is the perfect solution which is cheaper than all of the alternatives when we are talking about roaming costs!


The MoonMe G2 is a portable wi-fi hotspot. In short, you turn it on, top it up...

Smile Mates

Our loyalty program specially designed to reward customers, Smile Mates with all its business members provide unlimited benefits for the customers.

Our Partners

Air arabia

Since November 1st 2014 Moonline has been representing Air Arabia (G9) as a GS A and to further contribute to positive change and achieve our sustainability goals in the area and in the industry Moonline partnered with Air Arabia Jordan on April 12th 2015.

Air Arabia is a low-cost airline with its head office in the Sharjah Freight Center, Sharjah International Airport, in Sharjah United Arab Emirates. Air Arabia is...

Travelport | Galileo

Travelport is a global, broad-based business services provider that serves companies in
every segment of the travel industry. As one of theworld’s largest travel content aggregators
and distributors, and a leading provider of critical transaction processing solutions Travelport powers
the travel industry on a global scale by connecting buyers and sellers through agency
online and corporate travel...


Moonline has proudly been Hotels Pro’s exclusive partner in Iraq since January 1st 2012

HotelsPro is a fully interactive, leading edge, online reservation system especially for travel agencies offering instant confirmation from its allotments in thousands of hotels in hundreds of destinations to the worldwide travel market? HotelsPro.com gives 24 hour online access to the lowest hotel rates enabling...

Lufthansa City Center

Due to our keen interest and focus on the travel industry on April 1st 2016 Moonline partnered with LCC to represent the company as the first franchisee in Iraq.

Whether dream holiday or business trip, there are only two things left for you to do: determine your travel destination and start packing. Because in Lufthansa City Center you have a partner you can rely...

Egypt Air

On April 1st 2016 Moonline partnered with Egypt Air to actively be engaged and represent the Airline as the general sale agent in the region.

EGYPTAIR joined the Star Alliance network, the largest airline alliance in the world, to offer its customers better flight connections and more comfortable travel. EGYPTAIR’s membership to the Star Alliance network is unique in that it is the only airline that is based in North Africa and Middle East that is...